Houses for Sale Dunlap IL
Houses for Sale Dunlap IL

The Industry’s Most Trusted Name in Real Estate

For stellar real estate services, no other agency can match, you can count on the realtors at Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services. With over 25 years of broker experience and the latest technology in the industry, we can successfully buy or sell the houses for sale Dunlap IL and the surrounding areas possess.

Why Choose Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services?

You probably want to shop around for realtors, and we understand that. Therefore, we want to make the search easy for you, and show why we have the edge over our competitors.

Advanced Technology
Our agency possesses the latest tools and online technology used to help find or list your house. With an intuitive design and extensive database, we can determine the best prices for property, when’s the right time to buy or sell and how the housing market is likely to react.

Reliable Prices
With other real estate agencies, you must haggle with commission costs to get a price that still seems unfair to you. At Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services, no haggling is required. We offer a fixed 4.5% listing fee for when you sell and a closing cost rebate for when you buy.

Not only can we off our own realty services, but we have a network of connections ready to help you find or sell your home. Home inspectors, contractors, interior designers and more are all available through the contacts we’ve acquired.

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Full Service
The service we provide is all encompassing. We know the housing market can be hard to navigate, and we only wish to help you overcome it. Through our consultations and personal meetings, we hope to help you better understand the house buying and selling experience.

Helping to Fill Your Neighborhood

With our incredible agents and the latest software, it’s no wonder we continue to help the houses for sale in Dunlap IL and surrounding areas disappear. We strive for excellence, above all else, and hope to achieve the most customer satisfaction. After all, buying and selling property are some of the biggest decisions of your life. We take care of you, so you can continue coming back to us for years to come.

To learn more about Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services and the work we do, give us a call at 309-691-0900, or located at 7227 N. University, Peoria, IL 61614.