Realtor Dunlap IL
Realtor Dunlap IL

So, You Need a Realtor?

You’ve finally made the decision to buy or sell your home. That’s great! However, is this something you’ve done before? If you’ve never dealt with the real estate market, the best idea is to find a realtor Dunlap IL residents know they can trust. When looking for such a realtor, look no further than Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services.

What Makes a Good Realtor?

An experienced realtor will carry certain traits that make them the best for helping to buy or sell your house. At Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services, you’ll find all our agents share these same qualities.

  • Knowledgeable
    • It’s important for every realtor to be aware of the current trends of the housing market. You’ll find our agents can best determine when to buy or sell, how to negotiate a price, tactics to attract buyers and more.
  • Detail Oriented
    • Very little gets past our realtors. To be the best, they must be organized, willing to follow up on leads, cater to your needs and any amount of other details.
  • Creative Thinkers
    • A realtor must be able to think “outside the box.” To sell a house, our agents come up with creative solutions to better show off your property. With buyers, they work to find houses and deals you wouldn’t otherwise see.
  • Trustworthy
    • As clients of Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services, you’re our top priority. We work directly with you to determine only the best price for buying or selling your property. Our reputation proceeds us, ensuring you’re never taken advantage of.
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Rely on Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services

Every realtor Dunlap IL the surrounding area locals hire from Professional Leasing & Real Estate services work to get you the most out of your investment. We understand other agencies can be difficult to deal with, trying to squeeze the most money out of you possible. With our service, we offer a 4.5% listing fee and a closing cost rebate when you sell or buy with us. In the end, we can save you thousands of dollars.

Learn More About Our Service

If you are ready to hire a realtor for buying or selling your next house, Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services can get you started. Give us a call today at 309-691-0900, or located at 7227 N. University, Peoria, IL 61614.