Homes for Sale Dunlap IL
Homes for Sale Dunlap IL

When is the Right Time to Buy or Sell Your Homes?

Looking for the best time to jump into the real estate market isn’t always easy. With constantly changing costs, it can be frustrating finding the right moment. That’s why Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services is the trusted name for selling and finding homes for sale. Dunlap IL knows our service to be the best.

Through our advanced online programs, our agents can determine the trends of the real estate market, find you the best home to suit your needs and get your house in front of the right buyers. Additionally, with a 4.5% listing fee for sellers and closing cost rebates for buyers, we work to save you thousands of dollars in commissions.

When to Buy?

Before you buy a home, you need to be aware of what the market is doing and what your current situation is.

  • In a buyers’ market, you can find an abundance of houses being sold, and in turn can get lower prices.
  • Once your finances are in order (i.e. credit card debt, loans, income), you are safe to purchase a new house.
  • Depending on the market, interest rates for homes can change. It’s best to buy when interest rates are low.
  • If you can wait, buying in the off season (winter months) can give you an advantage in negotiating prices.
Homes for Sale Dunlap IL

When to Sell?

We can help you sell your house, but to get the best profit, you need to put your home on the market at the right moment.

  • In a sellers’ market, buyers outnumber sellers, meaning competition is high and the price of your house can skyrocket.
  • Once you have your next living arrangements settled, it’s safe to begin listing your house on the market.
  • Lower interest rates don’t only benefit buyers; sellers see more offers when people are confident in their purchasing.
  • Spring and summer see more willing buyers in the market. Fall isn’t bad too, with less competition, but can see a decrease in people willing to purchase.

Put Your Trust in Us

When the time is just right to buy your house or list your homes for sale, Dunlap IL and the surrounding area can count on the realtors at Professional Leasing and Real Estate Services to get the job done. Give us a call today at 309-691-0900, or located at 7227 N. University, Peoria, IL 61614.