Property Management
Property Management

What We Do As Your
Property Manager

Here is a quick overview of the property management services we provide:

  • Conducting extensive marketing and promotion of your vacant units
  • Coordinating maintenance work to prepare your units for new tenants
  • Screening and selecting of qualified tenants for your property
  • Preparing and executing up-to-date Rental Agreements
  • Collecting your tenants’ rent payments
  • Creating monthly reports of all financial activity at your property
  • Coordinating all necessary maintenance through our carefully trained maintenance staff
  • Preparing End of Year reporting that will make your annual tax filing easy

Why Should You Hire a Property Manager?

While you may have the time and resources to manage your own Peoria property, it just isn’t practical! Hiring a property manager allows you to spend your valuable time elsewhere, like expanding your business or enjoying leisure. When you work with Professional Leasing & Rental Services, we’ll handle every aspect of your property so you don’t have to worry about any of it. In addition, our team is experienced and familiar with landlord-tenant laws, which means you and your property are in safe, reliable hands.

At Professional Leasing & Rental Services, we understand that acting as a landlord is no easy feat. Especially if this is your first property in Peoria, IL, you might be struggling to keep up with the demands of maintaining a property and its tenants. Quality property management services are the solution you need, so contact our team today to learn more about how we can help.