Realtor Washington IL
Realtor Washington IL

Full Service Realtors Who Cater to Your Needs

When searching for “any old” realtor, Washington IL residents know who they can depend on to provide the best, most thorough service. At Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services, you get agents who work to provide you friendly and helpful assistance that guides you through the process of buying or selling your home.

What to Expect from Our Realtors

When finding the right realtor, Professional Leasing & Real Estate services can guarantee our agents are the most qualified to help you buy or sell your house fast and with ease.

  • Responsive
    • Our realtors are always available. You can be sure any questions you might have will be answered in a timely manner.
  • Knowledgeable
    • Not only are our agents familiar with the current trends in the housing market but have analytical tools available to them to help identify the right times to buy or sell property.
  • Listeners
    • We work to listen to your needs and get you the best results. Our realtors strive to make sure you can get the most out of your real estate venture.
  • Adaptive
    • If problems arise in the purchase or sale of your house, our agents come up with creative solutions to quickly solve any issue.
  • Negotiators
    • Our agents fight for your investments. Whether to get you a lower price on a house or to help maximize the value of your property, we work to get you the best deals.
  • Partners
    • We don’t just drive you around from house to house or list your home and nothing else. Our agents are proactive and work directly with you to ensure every sale is a success.
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What We Can Offer

Aside from the expert realtors we employ, Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services offers you the best deals to help you save the most money. With real estate you buy through us, we offer you a closing cost rebate. Additionally, if you sell your home through us we only charge you a 4.5% listing fee. Other realtors can’t match our prices, and we end up saving you thousands more than other companies.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

For the most experienced and reliable realtor Washington IL and the surrounding areas can offer, you can rely on Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services. Give us a call today at 309-691-0900, or located at 7227 N. University, Peoria, IL 61614.