4 Things You Need to Know Before Signing a Lease
4 Things You Need to Know Before Signing a Lease

4 Things You Need to Know Before Signing a Lease

18 Jan 2022

When you are looking for houses or apartments for rent, it is important to know the details before signing a lease. There are many things that should be discussed with your landlord or property manager to make sure that you get what you need — if not, there could end up being some unexpected surprises in store! At Professional Leasing Services in Central Illinois, we’re here to discuss four things that people often forget about when they sign a lease. Keep reading to learn more and then view our rental properties online!

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Current Damage

Before signing a lease, it’s important to inspect the property for any current damage. This could be anything from a small tear in the carpet to a crack in the wall. If you’re not comfortable or cannot do this yourself, bring someone who can help look for damages. It’s important to document these damages before moving in because any major damage could either be a deal-breaker and reason to not sign or a negotiation point to lower your rent or deposit.

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What’s Included With Rent

Rent may include more than just being able to live at the property. Often, rent may include other bills such as utilities, water, and electricity, so it’s great to ask before signing. If these bills are not included in the rent, it’s also important to ask how much they will cost on top of your monthly payment so that you can set yourself up for success budget-wise.

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Allowance for Customizations

Oftentimes, landlords and property managers will allow renters to make customizations, changes, adjustments, or other forms of small renovations. If you view a rental and think it would look better with new wall colors or carpet, be sure to ask your landlord in advance — before signing your lease would be the best time to ask this type of question.

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Expectations and Terms

Finally, before signing a lease for any apartments or houses for rent, it’s important to know the expectations and terms of both parties. This includes things such as how long the lease is, when rent is due, and what happens if you need to break the lease. By knowing these details in advance, you can avoid any surprises, including fees and evictions, later on.

These are just four things that people should know about before signing a lease. Be sure to discuss all of these items with your potential landlord or property manager so you can have a smooth leasing experience! To find the perfect house or apartment for rent near you, search our properties online at Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services in Peoria  today!